World-Class Talent

Hire Fast

Scale up or down your tech team fast. Choose between full-time, part-time, contractual or permanent staff.

Top Talent

Select only the most suitable candidates from a pre-screened pool of developer applications.


Get the best technical experts at inspirational rates.

Flexible Working Hours

Choose a time zone and working hours that suit your business.

Integrity & Communication

Work with a team that is not only assessed for technical expertise, but also for their integrity, professionalism and English communication skills.

Full Team Control

Enjoy the agile system that puts you at in control.

Hiring Process

Select The Team

Select from a pre-screened pool of candidates.

Start a Free Trail

Delegate work free of cost to asses performance.

Get Started

Proceed with the project after you are satisfied with the trial team.

You Win

Techverx Commercial Digital Tools Recruiting Agency
Finding the right match 2-5 days 15-20 days 7-10 days
Cost Free Marketing and selection cost Up to 40% of annual salary
Candidate pipeline Always available for free No pipeline option usually At a recurring cost
Free Psychometric Testing
Free Technical Testing
Free HR Analysis
Termination Ccost Free As per contract As per contract
Free Trail Period
Lets Talk

Mastery in Remote Working

Be Connected

Feel like your team is present with you using the state of the art online tools.

Google Meet
Microsoft Teams
Be In-Control

Remain in-charge from your office seat by monitoring team performance with easy to use cloud-based systems.


Case Studies


Client owns a fleet of 150+ cars that they rent out to part-time drivers for Uber, Lyft and MyTaxi.

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