Client Overview

Client owns a fleet of 150+ cars that they rent out to part-time drivers for Uber, Lyft and MyTaxi. 


The client rents cars to drivers who want to drive on Uber, Lyft or MyTaxi. They were previously using RentCentric to manage their entire fleet of 150+ cars. They were facing several issues with the existing system and were looking to develop their own proprietary technology platform that could not only help them manage their own fleet but also enable them to onboard new vendors with their own fleets

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We initially did a 6 week long workshop to understand the entire business model and the shortcomings that they were facing with Rent Centric. The goal was to build something more powerful & flexible than Rent Centric. The result of the workshop was a clickable prototype and a detailed functional specification document. We built a multi-tenant based architecture

Super Admin Web App This is basically the core of the entire system and all the backend processing is done here. All the data of processes like Customer Onboarding, Vendor Onboarding, Vehicle Onboarding, Payment Processing, Third Party Integration etc is verified here. It also includes the data for vehicle management and rental management systems.

The key features of the product are: 

Super Admin Web App
Customer Mobile App
Lendor Web App
3rd Party Integrations
Car Rentals

Customer Mobile App

This module of the entire system enables the customers to get onboarded with the Dryve services. This process includes uploading of certain documents like a valid Driving License, proof of Citizenship, a valid insurance, Tax documents etc which certifies them for Dryve services. It also enables the customers to make reservations, start their rentals, report damage and view their history. 

Lendor Web App 

This module lets different vendors get themselves onboarded with Dryve services which would enable them to put up cars available for rental basis. This process includes uploading of certain documents which is then validated by agents through the Super Admin portal. Vendors can also view their rental history, maintenance center and billing information. It also includes a vehicle onboarding module which lets vendors put up vehicles on Dryve to be used for rental services.

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3rd Party Integrations 

The cars have GPS tracking hardware installed in them which lets customers unlock the vehicle and start their rentals. We enabled the communication between the mobile app and this hardware. This BLE integration also covers the communication with HUF servers. For billing and payments we integrated the system with Cardknox which is a smart and reliable solution for online payments. 


We are in the beta-phase of the product and currently have 20 cars and 25+ drivers in the system. The plan is to go full live by Q3 of 2019. It’s an ongoing engagement where we will be working very closely with the client in identifying new features and implementing them.

Future Plan 

Right now they are the vendors putting up cars for rental, but moving forward they are also developing a platform where anybody who owns a car or two can become a vendor.

Technology Stack