Retail Software Development

Increase operational efficiency in the retail sector by harnessing the influence of emergence technologies.

Operational Efficiency
  • Deliver faster to your customers for better
  • customer experience.
  • Forecast staffing needs to ensure a stable
  • Workforce pipeline. Monitor footfall to establish buying trends Monitor site performance and profitability to establish scaling requirements.
Empowered Consumer
  • Identify what your customer base is thinking
  • Use historical data to establish effectiveness of your products
  • Create digital marketing plans
  • Review purchase pattern history
Assortment and Supply
  • Understand what promotion techniques work for you to save budget spend and boost sales.
  • Establish the probability of ROI on sale through digital channels
  • Predict the future of product demand
  • Identify optimal price points on factors such as item, sub-category and location.
25% of manufacturers will innovate their service execution by implementing AI in automated decision-making and self-healing assets by 2022.”

International Data Corporation

Retail Software Development Services

Custom Retail Solutions

Build custom retail software, tailored to specific business requirements. Avail retail technology consulting services to drive growth to your retail business.

E-Commerce Solutions

eCommerce solutions to increase customer engagement, payment options, and analytics for strategic decision-making.

Smart Inventory Management

Develop an intelligent inventory management system that tracks stocks and predicts demand based on the customers buying trends.

Voice Assistants

Give your customer full control by developing an AI-based voice assistants for retail stores.

IoT enabled Asset Management

Monitors and track products availability in the store and notifies owners in case of theft attempts using latest IoT technology.

Customer Engagement System

Deliver a personalized customer experience through an engagement system that retrieves data from multiple sources using AI.

Integrate Third-Party Delivery App with your POS

Handel doorstep deliveries by integrating the third-party delivery app into your existing POS system.

On-Demand Delivery App

Trade services or products online using an on-demand delivery app, to deliver products door to door when buyers are not able to step out amid the COVID-19 outbreak.

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We are a System Integrator for Retail Companies

Point of Sale Software

Integrate and automate capturing of sales and financial retail transactions.

Customer Loyalty Software

Build deep relationships with your customers by offering an automated discount calculator.

Space Management Software

Utilize store space by a digital system to is smarter than manual entireties.

Customer Experience Software

Understand what your customers think of your products and services by gathering and processing customer feedback.

AI application in Retail

Do all that you do in the retail industry, only more and faster. AI gives you better insights on buying trends, predicts future sales demand and maintain better customer relations while you relax.

Customer Behavior

Identify consumer demand for goods using Machine learning and AI. Improve sales and procurement channels by automating the system.

Operational Efficiencies

Open new stores and predict staffing needs more effectively, thanks to AI and Machine learning capabilities.

Space Management Software

Utilize store space by a digital system to is smarter than manual entireties.

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