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What are the Advantages of using MySQL in PHP?

January 14, 2019

January 14, 2019

Using PHP, but still do not know how MySQL can help you in your various Web Development projects? Read on and get illuminated. MySQL is one of the few open-source relational database management systems. The ‘My’ is derived from the name of founder Michael Widenius’s daughter, and the SQL stands for ‘Structure Query Language’. While almost all PHP developers know that MySQL is fast becoming an essential component in web development everywhere, not many have fully understood the notion of the combined effects of MySQL and PHP. But that’s where we come in. We will highlight their various benefits and help you determine the best way to utilize the PHP language.

1. Support

MySQL is just another important language like PHP, and when joined together for a web development task, they can create stunning websites. They provide much more effective results than websites created on the base of only one language and PHP developers can use this technology to make something special each time. Websites with MySQL as the background database however, are just one example of how both languages support each other and make programming fun and easy..

2. Developing Dynamic Sites

As it has been mentioned above, both PHP and MySQL can work amazingly in a collaborative development environment. PHP is now considered one of the best server side languages, and MySQL is used alongside it to enable programmers to make reliable and sturdy frameworks for web development systems. This is why it is relatively easy to use both databases in the WordPress exactly as intended by the developer.
A dynamic website made with help of PHP and MySQL makes the PHP developer’s job easier than ever, because it can easily be amended, manipulated and updated. While PHP can be embedded into HTML or any language used to develop web pages, MySQL can be used as a database that works in the background and simply provides support.

3. Cost

One of the most frequent problems faced in web development is high costs. To start with, you can’t even think about setting up a website without spending on name registration, which opens up a veritable Pandora’s Box. You will then have to take care of hosting and its various types, as well as the expenses incurred on software and development-related gimmicks, not to mention the amount that you will pay to a good PHP developer. However, the use of PHP will eventually bring down costs, and even a layman can design a website using it, due to its free license, awesome community help and tons of tutorials available over the internet.
Now, to make your website even more dynamic, you can make use of MySQL. Developers love the combination of PHP and MySQL because it is very cost effective, requires low end hardware and less hassle.

4. Integrity, Ease and Open Source

The best thing about the PHP and MySQL combo is its integrity, ease and their open-source properties. PHP developers prefer not having to rewrite each and every line of HTML in an alien-like programming language. This is because PHP is a WYSIWYG language and it can be edited by WYSIWYG editors, which mkes it easy to edit. These amazing customizable options again make it easy for PHP developers to create unique and stunning websites, including e-commerce websites.
Furthermore MySQL Fabric is a completely integrated system that any PHP developer can use and since it is completely open-sourced, it makes everything transparent and easy- even for noobs.

5. E-commerce loves the combo

This has been mentioned previously too, but we need to mention it under a separate heading. Future of digital entrepreneurship is mostly about e-commerce. Online stores are emerging and challenging the hegemony of the existing big retail companies. Very soon almost every nation in the world will also get digitalized and people will prefer to buy everything online. This is what makes PHP developers so high in demand.
If you are a PHP developer, you must be aware of the importance of website structure, database handling and obviously the dynamic aspect of website development. PHP and MySQL present something, when combined, that no other combo does as well; they work as a team. With PHP working on the face and MySQL working as a background database, you can accomplish wonders website design and development.
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