Building Experiences

At Techverx, we believe that an exciting user experience is necessary for any business. Our creative designers & expert developers use latest technologies to ensure a captivating user experience.

Buyer Analysis

We research extensively to build up your user personas, so that your product's complete customer journey can be mapped.


We create prototypes and scrutinize our ideas with end users in order to get ample feedback about your forthcoming product's usability.

UX Design

We make sure our clients are delighted as we propose top-notch technology to deliver compelling experiences that solve minor and major business challenges.


Our software engineers collaborate with designers to ensure that products we deliver to our clients are perfect from experience, design and technology perspectives.

UI Design

Prioritize visual experience to create a functional user interface. Develop a product that helps users accomplish their goals.

Useability Testing

We partner with our clients to build products that address real user needs. This emphasis on human-centered design means that the products we build deliver compelling experiences.

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Hiring Process

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Select from a pre-screened pool of candidates.

Start a Free Trail

Delegate work free of cost to asses performance.

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Proceed with the project after you are satisfied with the trial team.

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