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The Highest Paying Programming Languages in the World

January 14, 2019

January 14, 2019

You must have seen a programmer at least once in your lifetime. Either sitting in a café, on the go or at some seminar; you might have noticed their uncombed hair, untidy clothes and an air of superiority about them, as they keep hitting the keys on their laptops. Well most of these people love their jobs. Not only because they love to write code, or to create innovative new software or websites, but also because of the amazing payoffs they can enjoy, in this line of business. Where do you think Google gets most of their employees?
Web design jobs and mobile development jobs are among the highest paying jobs around the globe, but some programming languages pay more than others. But before you start researching for yourself, we will satiate your curiosity, and let you know, which are the highest paying Programming Languages in the world, ourselves.

1. Java

There is no doubt that Java is one of the most widely used programming language and if you have got some Java knowledge in your head, then the highest paying web design jobs are obviously for you. Java even impresses with their motto: Write once, run everywhere.
Ask any mobile and web development expert and they’ll tell you that Java is an incredible programing language, which can lead people with sufficient knowledge and experience in the field to some very high paying jobs. It is reported that the web design jobs and mobile development jobs that require Java expertise pay approximately $115,000 per year.

2. Python

When it comes to state of the art programming languages which win most of the mobile development jobs and web design jobs, Python is not much behind. This programming language is the magic wand which top-notch online companies and websites such as YouTube, Dropbox, Survey Monkey and even the giant Google uses. The best thing about Python is its capacity to let the programmers show their concepts in very few lines of code. Plus, Python is very easily readable and a highly versatile language. This is why the developers who are Python-savvy, easily earn around $100,000 per annum.

3. C#

Although C# is not as old and well known as most of the other programming languages mentioned here, the number companies using it today is quite impressive. With an amazing mix of C and C++, this language has the ability to create a variety of enterprise applications which run on Microsoft .Net Framework. Because of its very wide range of programming styles, this language is highly sought after. The salary of an average C# expert is approximately $90,000 per year.

4. C++

C++ is actually an extension of the original C+ language. Programmers and companies which offer web design jobs, love C++ because it is a very efficient, effective and flexible language which helps the programmers with developing large systems e.g. server platforms and desktop applications. C++ is a general purpose language used for programming and from early 80’s till date, this language has helped programmers in many system programming situations. An average C++ expert earns around $85,000 per year.

5. Perl

The web design jobs and mobile development jobs are not that easy to get, especially considering the diversity of the languages involved. One such less known, but highly regarded programming language, with a very high payoff, is Perl. Technically speaking, Perl is not a language, but a group of interlinked languages. Perl is a language used for CGI scripting and other functions such as system administration, graphic programming and many other applications. The versatility of the language assures that its programmers get very good wages and the average yearly income of a Perl programmer is $80,000.

6. SQL

There is hardly anyone involved in mobile development and web design, who haven’t heard the term SQL. SQL is an abbreviation of Structural Query Language, and it is a purpose-built language with the main function to manage the data in the data streams and databases. The demand for this language is only increasing and the wages of an average SQL expert is roughly $80,000 per year.

7. PHP

PHP simple seems to be the mantra of big-shot internet companies. The companies using PHP include Google, Apple, Facebook, Yahoo, Wikipedia … and the list goes on. Most of the times PHP web design jobs are offered by the companies who want some developers to manage server-side functions, for example web development. PHP has shown tremendous growth in the past and the language is still in the evolution phase. The best thing about PHP is the web-facing features. All of this bling makes it one of the most highly sought after programming languages and the average wages of a PHP developer, are $75,000.

8. Ruby on Rails

While the fame of Java is not comparable to Ruby on Rails, this language is fast becoming one of the few languages highly demanded by web design jobs. Ruby on Rails is the backbone of many highly regarded websites and companies, like Github, Airbnb and Shopify.
As previously stated by its creators, the goal behind the making of Ruby was to increase programmer satisfaction, and this is exactly what it does with its popular default structures for databases and web pages. As per the statistics the Ruby on Rails web design jobs pay as much as $75,000 per annum.

9. T-SQL

TSQL is an abbreviation of Transact-Structured Query Language; this language is based on its predecessor, SQL. This language serves as the basic communication line with the SQL server reserved for the user interface of any application. Unlike other languages, T-SQL involves specific skills, which is why it is not in such high demand. However these same skills make this language the darling of numerous companies, who are willing to pay as much as $70,000 per year to skilled T-SQL experts.

10. C

We bet that all of you, if you ever owned or have been exposed to the making of a WordPress website, must have read that first generic post Hello World. Well, Hello World is actually a program of C and C is actually one of the most prestigious programming languages which still serves a lot of jobs e.g. mapping machine instructions for the operating systems. It is still the most popular of all programming languages although it was conceived back in 1970’s. C experts earn, more or less, $70,000 per year.
So, these were the top ten Highest paying Programming Languages in the world. If you are interested in the field of web and mobile development as well, then make sure you consider all your options, before making the final decision in the end. Rest assured, your future is secure and bright.
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