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Seven Ways Managers Can Motivate Their Employees

January 14, 2019

January 14, 2019

It takes more than one person to make a business successful. Every manager is aware of this fact, and so they aspire to hire only the best workers. But many times, managers tend to forget that these workers are people as well, and from time to time they need some extra motivation to get their jobs done. Money alone cannot inspire them enough to complete their tasks, and sometimes managers need to go the extra mile to get the best out of their employees. Here we highlight the top seven most effective ways of doing just that!

1. Listen

Communication is a very important factor when dealing with your employees. Each and every one of your workers expects to be treated with respect, and ultimately just want their voices heard. They want to feel like their thoughts and their feelings are being taken into account before any major decisions are taken. They also appreciate it when a manager takes time out to hear them out, and deal with their various concerns or ideas related to the job. This makes them feel like they are an integral part of the business and are vital components of its success.

2. Respect Individuality

Many people have a tendency to make generalizations about a whole group, based on their impression of only one individual. However, these views are rarely ever accurate. Similarly, some managers tend to deal with their employees in the same way, and treat them all as a group, rather than as individuals. But this can have quite a lot of adverse effects. Each employee is unique and, has their own strengths and abilities. These can’t be effectively utilized if the manager is not aware of their workers distinct attributes, making the employees feel like they don’t have an identity their work place.

3. Patience

Workers come and go, and it always takes new employees some time before they can settle into their new job. Other times, they might be going through problems at home, or might be busy with work. In each case, the manager needs to remember to be patient with their workers, in order to keep them motivated, and make them feel right at home. Some workers are faster than others, some are good presenters, while others might be better at research. It is ultimately the managers’ job to be aware of their strengths and weaknesses, and be patient with those that are lacking in certain areas.

4. Opportunities For Advancement

Most people get a job because they want to earn some money. But that doesn’t last long, and they start to look for other sources of motivation. In these situations, managers can use the prospect of a promotion as a great way to inspire their employees to work harder. The chance to advance in your career can sometimes be an even greater motivation than money as well, and has been used to great affect by managers all around the world.

5. Celebrate important milestones

A great way for managers to motivate their employees is by cultivating an atmosphere of harmony and fun. One way of doing this is by celebrating various milestones with everybody in the office. These milestones can include birthdays, anniversaries, baby showers, Christmas etc. By celebrating good news together and sharing in their happiness, managers can show their workers that they genuinely care about them, and their wellbeing.

6. Provide incentives

Many firms around the world have started to provide various incentives, to keep their employee’s motivation up. These incentives can range from free health care and a company car, to stock options and even paid vacations. As each employee has their own personal drive to succeed, these incentives can be tailored to their specific requirements. This method showcases the manager’s willingness to go above and beyond, to satisfy the needs of their employees, and gives their workers something to work for.

7. Role Model

As a manager of a business, you will find yourself in the role of a leader. Your employees will look at you for guidance and follow your example in all matters. This is why it is essential that managers transform themselves into role models for their employees. You can never expect your employees to follow your instructions if they don’t respect you, or if you yourself don’t follow the guidelines that you have laid out for your workers. You should set such an example, which leaves a lasting impression on your employees; one that they will remember forever.
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