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It takes a team to achieve milestones and we ace it!

Our Blogs

It takes a team to achieve milestones and we ace it!



Being a regular & internal user of a website, it becomes slightly challenging to gauge whether the website is performing effectively or has slowed down.
If you see or observe following symptoms, you need to think of redoing your website to make it useful & make it on the top in the searches for your existing & potential customers.

Users do not find it attractive anymore

 How long is your user staying on your website can predict the amount of interest they have in your website & offerings which can be gauged through the bounce rate on every page of your site. Google Analytics & certain other tools can help you with that. If the bounce rate is more than 40%, you will have to start planning about the methods you need to make your users stay.

Your website is not mobile responsive

 A lot of users these days surf websites via tablets & mobile phones. Companies lose a lot of potential customers if the website is not easy to navigate on the mobile along with readable textual content & appealing visuals.
You can analyse the user traffic via mobile phone from the analytics tool & if it is low, time to make some necessary changes before it’s too late!

Longer Loading Time

Users want a super quick response when they tend to surf through a website. Anything that takes more than 2-3 seconds to load will bore your user & impatient enough to navigate away.
There is a very high risk of losing your customers if the website takes longer loading time on both desktop & mobile devices hence losing a big chunk of potential business.

Easy Searches

 Just like speedy search, Users want to have the results of what they are looking for easily & quickly. Anything that is not easily doable & understandable for your user can compel them to exit your website. If you see a lot of inquiries on how to use your website or to search for something specific, you may need to look again & work on making it more catchy, captivating & user friendly.

Unappealing Visibility on Social Media

 Majority of your users come through Social Media & if it is not visually appealing enough, your users may lose interest. Just like you, your competitors are there in the market drastically improving to grow, if you don’t catch up the pace, your competitors eventually will.
Facing any of these situations? How about a re-do then?