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7 Ways You Can Make Your Startup Stand Out From the Crowd

January 14, 2019

January 14, 2019

Startups are growing just like mushrooms as they can be found everywhere. So, how do you make your Startup stand out from the crowd? Just read on!
You might not have read all those big books on success in business, but one thing is sure; almost every Tom, Dick and Harry has seen the movie “Jobs”, made on the life of the great Steve Jobs. And, we bet, that every person who is involved in a tech or digital business must have uttered that same dreamy line: “It’s just a start up!” We remember that line and the power it contains. It highlights a person’s love for their business. But, when it comes to real life, there is this one question which we must focus on: how can growing startups finally turn into big shot companies? This post attempts to answer this question.

1. Be Tech Savvy

If you are working for a startup that prefers paper to screens, and still insists on boring and old-school ideas, then you are obviously not going to rock the digital world. Growing startups have to focus on the now and the norm of the 21st century. We are in the post 2010s world, where everybody is fast becoming tech savvy!
So, if you really want to stand out from the crowd, you need to start acting like modern startups and increase the usage of the latest business practices and digital tools. How about giving up on the idea of a physical workplace and start thinking about virtual office? News Flash: 21st century startups and companies are already doing this as you read.

2. Expo Is The Key

Yeah, you must have heard about those hi-fi expos that take place in your city every now and then. Food expo, cars expo, real estate expo, education expo, jobs expo, this expo and that expo. Nowadays, there is an expo for everything.
Chances are that if you’re involved in a tech start up yourself, then you have already been to one such expo as well. They are so popular these days that they present the perfect opportunity for growing startups to market and sell themselves. So why shouldn’t you be a part of this amazing movement as well? Take your chance now and reap the benefits for years to come.

3. Choose A Unique Niche

What are the chances that somebody else is going to invent the next Facebook, Twitter, Instagram Or LinkedIn? Little, to none. Still people everywhere are wasting their time, energy and money on trying to replicate their success. But what they don’t realize is that the public does not what a repeat of what they already have. This is why all successful growing startups are getting out of their comfort zone and trying out new ideas. So, choose your niche wisely and with an eye on the future.

4. Hint: It’s About Smartphones!

When Steve Jobs made his early home computers, his competitors were making machines that were so big, ugly and boring, that even if their product was superior, Job’s computers still sold like hotcakes. This is what growing startups do! They find an untapped niche and exploit it to their best.
Now, we are living in post-Steve Jobs times and computers are not the talk of the town anymore. The world has moved on from desktops, to laptops, to tablets, and now it is the time for smart phones. Smart phones are in and they are hip. You can establish a niche based solely on smartphones. For example, app development or cell phone data protection etc. And it goes without saying that it never hurts to diversify!

5. Those Venture Capitalists

If you understand the notion of necessary evil, you must understand that a venture capitalist fits the bill perfectly. Even though they can be filthy rich and powerful, and at times they might even try to strip you off your self-respect, their end goal is always to see their investment being doubled, tripled and quadrupled with every passing day. This is exactly why they are a necessity for almost every growing startup.
In the beginning of your journey, you have a plethora of crazy ideas that keep you from your sleep. And each one of them might seem amazing and worth millions. But they need a lot of investment, and that is where venture capitalists come into play. They provide your business with the blood and oxygen it needs to survive and help keep things moving in the right direction. So take a tip and find a venture capitalist for your startup today!

6. Build A Positive Online Reputation

Online businesses are, by far, the most affected by word of mouth than any other in the world. They cannot tolerate a bad reputation, because people get to know about your company’s misconduct within milliseconds. This internet-ruled world is super crazy and superfast! This is why all growing startups care a lot about their online presence and they never let their customers, investors and clients down. They do charity, they create opportunities for other digital entrepreneurs, freelancers and do everything in their power to build a solid and positive reputation online.

7. Go Philanthropist

You might have wondered as to why big firms, especially those from the digital world, opt to become philanthropists. Take the example of Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg. They are not only entrepreneurs and billionaires, but they are also among the world’s top philanthropists. And they are not alone in these endeavors either. They also involve their family and friends, in order to project a positive image of themselves, and by extension, their companies. Growing startups can follow this strategy too. Obviously you can’t be expected to give even a fraction of what Bill Gates gives to charity, but you can play your own role. This will not only make you feel good about yourself, it will also make your investors, clients and customers feel better as well.
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