Yallalist is a platform in which users can place ads to buy or sell everything from real estate to home appliances, while also being a portal through which individuals can search for jobs while employers can place job postings. Yallalist is different from other similar websites because it is community based, meaning that it searches for suggestions based on the proximity of the people using the site, meaning that you end up buying and selling items from people that are directly in and around your very neighborhood

This is where we come in.

How we helped:

Our suggestion to compress the scope of the area being covered to be within communities proved to be a massive hit. Not only did it result in bringing the community together, but from a buying and selling aspect it worked because people naturally trust their neighbors more than strangers therefore the exchange process became much more simplified. Aside from that it created an online platform where people could hire plumbers, electricians etc. residing in their own neighborhood.

The outcome:

Being able to just walk over to a person’s house to see the car that they had put on Yallalist was an idea that became much more than a platform. It solved the biggest problem that exists in similar sites which is trust in the person you are buying from. Techverx was able to create a product that transcended one’s computer into an experience that was user-oriented in a digital sense but tangible at the same time.


Michigan, USA


2 Developers
2 Team Lead
1 Manager
1 Designer


4 months

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