Winyt is a quiz and contest game, requiring people to join up and stand the chance to win actual cash prizes. It was a great idea and needed to be executed in a manner that would be able to attract large amounts of social participation. The features the we came up with proved to be a solid attraction to achieve just that conclusively

This is where we come in.

How we helped:

Winyt was given to us as another project that required rescuing. Since the final project was meant to be available as an app as well as a web version, our developers took over from the previous team so that the project could be functional in the allotted time. The people at Winyt had worked with us before and knew they were handing their project over to capable hands. We also made the project to be cross-platform and designed the web version, as well as an app version.


Michigan, USA


2 Developers
1 Team Lead
1 Manager


10 Months

Technologies We Used

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