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With rapid saturation in the IT market for business outlets, designing a website which is engaging meaningful and user friendly is your end goal. It enables you to translate your dream into reality.

Web Application Developer

Techverx has a highly competent consultancy team that can assist you in creating the most user friendly and aesthetically appealing to your end users. Be it choosing a platform, engaging developers or to design the overall outlay, we at Techverx are here to assist you!

Web development entails hiring either a full stack web developer, or a front end back-end and database manager. Depending on your preference, we have resources available to enable you!
The website can be a generic web site or can act like a web application, the web application developers that we have can ensure consistency over the mobile and web platform so that a mobile app can be designed later if needed.
Depending on the nature of operation that you have, we can recommend specific platforms to you so that your needs are met specifically if it’s a business than we would recommend Magento!

Our never ending commitment in working with you every step of the way is what makes us unique, a dedicated project manager as well as direct access to the developer ensures that there are no communication lags and information about the end goal keeps flowing freely.

The process starts with our first step where we bring you, the project manager and consulting developer to have a talk where all requirements can be noted duly to form a timeline for the project. Deciding on scrum schedules and project sprints is done in this step as well. This ensures that everyone is aware of their responsibilities and duties.

A SEO review and report is made available through our Google certified professionals who detail your rank, visibility and effectiveness as well as a competitor analysis so that any recommendations in this regard can be forwarded.

Techverx has established itself as a bona fide web developer company from where you can hire a web developer based on your unique needs. If you are looking to build your website than look no further!

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