Track My Assets

Track My Assets is a web and mobile based asset management system for businesses of all sizes. It offers end to end solutions including bar code tagging, vendor management, long term cost tracking of assets, records of employees assets are assigned to, keeping track of all documents, receipts, warranties and manuals of an asset and prompt, detailed reporting. It has built in alerts for equipment servicing and also keeps track of invoice data on all repairs.

We developed this app from scratch.

The Challenge

Scott Davis of ProblemSolutionHQ, FL was looking for a dynamic and reliable development partner of his suite of business products. Being a seasoned businessman himself, owning multiple franchises and business units, Scott had an insider's keen insight into the pain points of an organization's asset management needs. We worked very closely with Scott, spending two weeks with his technical and business team in the US, to crack the idea of the best asset management software ever developed.

How We Helped

We understood that simplicity and ease of use were paramount concerns for a business when it came to sfotware. So we designed a clean and attractive UI giving the user an intuitive, no-frills experience for maximum efficiency. We made the app responsive for greater versatility and also developed a mobile component for on the go management.

Automated repair and service alerts are integral feature of the app. We built a vendor management system to keep track of approved vendors and notify them for repair orders. We also built extensive reporting systems that include tracking an asset's long term costs, who it has been assigned to and all its important documents. Reducing the paper trailer is another vital concern for organizations and all our automations were developed to that end.


Fort Myers, FL


1 Architect
4 Developers
1 Designer
1 Support


1.5 Years

Technologies We Used

The outcome

We are official development partners of ProblemSolutionHQ for its diverse range of upcoming products, only on the strength of our performance and communication. It is one of our most valued relationships, built on a foundation of mutual trust that was achieved only through proven results.

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