Ruby on Rails Consulting and Development

Working for several US based companies as our main clients, our team has a firm grip over agile methodology and comprises of expert Ruby on Rails developers as well as a solid creative team. We serve as a one stop shop for your entire ruby on rails development and consulting needs!

Ruby on Rails

Ruby on Rails is a platform where ruby, rails, Java script, HTML, CSS and API’s are integrated to come up with software solutions which are both meaningful and beautiful. SQL is something that’s integral to any rails based website regardless of the version being used. Other assisting tools that we have mastered due to considerable development experience include Heroku and AWS.

Techverx is your one stop shop for all your Ruby on Rails consulting and development needs!
Hiring ruby on rails developers team for a long term project or a single developer for a small project is quite easy. We start with the consulting approach where an initial screening of your exact requirement brief is conducted to match frequency of idea. The complete process is listed below.

  • Gauging the degree to which the code needs to be customized and other work that needs to be done.
  • Share a milestone sheet with the client to detail actual work that needs to be done.
  • Provide a scrum schedule in line with agile development methods and consistent with client preferences.
  • Listing communication for various sprint periods.
  • Deliver your dream website & mobile app keeping in mind deadlines and maximum client satisfaction.

Our ruby on rails developers insure that your requirement and exact specifications are executed as instructed. The immense creative potential of our consultants guarantees a design that is user friendly and which ensures consistency over the web and mobile platform if requested.
In case you have any ruby on rails hiring needs, look no further and seek help from one of our expert consultant now. Hiring a ruby on rails developer with at least five years of experience is a given as all of our ROR rock stars have at least five years of consulting development and deployment experience.

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