Rekruited is an HR management software with the right amount of Techverx magic sprinkled in the mix. Our client came to us with an idea of how the recruitment process could be made more efficient, considering that at times there are hundreds of applications that a job posting usually receives.

This is where we come in.

The outcome

We put our collective minds at work and at the end of it all were able to create a system that reduced the cost of recruitment by 70%. Aside from giving the client a system that enabled an automated process to select the person that was most ideal for the job, we were able to streamline the hiring frame of reference to a process that would otherwise have taken weeks to a much more manageable, automated system resulting in company time and resources having the luxury of being applied elsewhere.

How We Helped

Our team built a software that provided a dynamic functionality to add job specific questions to filter out candidates that would be most ideal for the job they were applying for. Our software would generate a link that could be posted with the ad. The system would be given questions, as well as a rating system for the answer that the candidate would give. Through an automated process candidates would be ranked, at the same time eliminating candidates that were not the right fit, essentially creating a pre-screening process that saved a massive amount of time.


Michigan, USA


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1 Team Lead
1 Manager


1 Year

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