Patriot Medical App is an MIS system for medical equipment suppliers that deal with insurance companies to manage all the required documents and various information about patients, doctors and patient insurances. Patriot Medical App is also able to deal with insurance companies and doctors on behalf of the patients.

This is where we come in.

How we helped:

Our team created a platform where each individual had their own separate panel, so the user had an individual dashboard through which they could apply changes themselves, for example scheduling meetings and setting up consultations. The entire system was dynamic and could be personalized according to who was using it.

The challenge:

The problem was to manage all the insurance companies, various documents, patients and doctors under one roof. That meant a huge amount of data and considering that we built the app from scratch it was quite a task. But our developers were more than up to the challenge. At the end of it we were able to make an incredibly robust system that was dynamic in every regard.


Michigan, USA


1 Architect
1 Front-End Developer
3 Back-End Developers
1 Designer


1 year

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