Karma Crm

An app that we made from scratch, KarmaCRM was a Customer Relationship Management application made for managing sales leads, interacting with clients, and an application that could customize the CRM for individual client profiles. KarmaCRM came with a host of amazing features like automatically importing individual client details from LinkedIn and integrate social media feeds to update any customer information that might be pertinent.

This is where we come in.

The Challenge

Building the app so that every portion of it was dynamic was a monumental feat, considering the amount of data that the CRM was able to handle. Every customer had an individual profile that was dynamic and customizable, including team members that could interact with each other when working on individual projects. Scheduling was also very complex considering that tasks, reminders, meetings, events, and customer relations had to be interconnected to avoid mishaps.

How We Helped

We made the entire API (Application Program Interface) dynamic on the basis of every response that the app would get from the back-end server. The objective of KarmaCRM was to make it iOS native which we were able to achieve without any hiccups.


Michigan, USA


1 Architect
2 Developers
1 Team Lead
1 Manager


1 Years

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