TJukebox is an app with it’s own music library containing over 18 million fully licensed songs from every genre imaginable. It allows the owners of restaurants, bars, gyms and cafés to create unlimited playlists and schedule them according to the time and day depending on the ambience that the owner wants to create. Jukebox was brought forward by a restaurateur who was extremely dissatisfied with the amount of time it was taking to finish the project. That’s when we were asked to step in and rescue Jukebox. What makes Jukebox different is that it can be connected via Chromecast to a larger screen through any phone running IOS. Aside from that Jukebox can also be used to dedicate songs via the app connecting to the venues' Chromecast, as well as display a Twitter and Instagram feed that can be used for promotional purposes, aside from creating a fully user-oriented social experience.

This is where we come in.

The Challenge

The main challenge with Jukebox was getting it to be compatible with Chromecast. Many different platforms would be running simultaneously so the visual aspect of the app syncing perfectly with an external device had to be smooth and seamless. We also made two versions of the project. One could be used to dedicate songs while connected to the app making it a truly unique experience for anyone sitting at the venue, or otherwise use the app for its native music library.

How We Helped

Our developers decided that there needed to be a way for the app to be much more captivating from the user’s perspective. So we added a ticker that synced with Twitter and Instagram. Along with information about the song being played there would be an interspersion of tweets and photographs, making an app that simply played music into a more involved and captivating affair.


Michigan, USA


1 Architect
1 Team Leader
1 Manager


6 months

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