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The .Net platform accompanied with the ASP.NET framework has been the mode of operation at Techverx since a decade. Work with the most agile development oriented team with expert level skill in the ASP.NET framework.

Dot Net Development Company

The expertise range from creating E-Commerce portals, business based applications and a 360 degree Dot Net Migration. Our Dot Net development services are centered on providing a uniquely tailored solution based on your requirements.

Hiring an ASP.NET developer with us is easy and you can get an estimation about the project here(insert CTA). We follow a rigorous step by step procedure while working with you to give you a truly unique and yielding experience.

The step by step approach revolves around the Kaizen frame work coupled with agile development techniques and is listed as follows.

  • Get a grip of the concept and obtain a detailed brief about your needs via a Chat involving the client, a project manager and an ASP.NET developer.
  • Estimating the level of effort and degree of alteration based on requirement specification.
  • List a detailed costing sheet matching efforts with the cost and sharing it with the client.
  • Share a daily scrum schedule based on client preference.
  • Deciding upon sprint call windows between various sprints of the project.
  • Deliver a highly yielding completed product with Client satisfaction at the helm of operations.

Techverx has an established name as a leading ASP.NET development company delivering top notch development projects for clients all across the world. With several recommendations and endorsements Techverx is ready to be your one stop shop for all development needs.
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