Why React Native Will Change the Mobile OS Market for the Better?

November 10, 2016 | Usman

If you still wonder whether or not Java has a future in the Mobile OS Market, this post will bring you out of the darkness, and into the light. JavaScript is one of the most dynamic programming languages today, and the true beauty of Java, are the libraries that come with it. React Native is one such library, and React Native Libraries offer a React Structure to the native app industry. This includes React Native iOS applications, as well as React Native Android applications. However, the rise of React Native apps gives birth to a very valid and equally ignored question: why React Native will have a bigger mobile OS market share in 2016 than any other JavaScript library? Well, this post attempts to answer this question, once and for all.

1. Improved UI

Mobile phone apps are all about connectivity. Now when we talk about connectivity, we aren’t only talking about speed, we are also talking about the ease and convenience provided by a specific user interface. What makes React Native’s mobile OS market share in 2016 bigger than any of its competitors is its appreciable focus on the UI. This is why the output that the programmers and consumers enjoy is very responsive, as well as fluid. The credit goes to the asynchronous interactions of the JavaScript with a native environment. Totally went over your head, didn’t it? Well, to make it simpler for you, React Native architecture makes the apps load quicker and run smoother than ever.

2. Compatibility with iOS and Android

How many times have you heard somebody praising both iOS and Android equally? As far as we know, those who love iOS, think that Android is for down-market people, while those who are in an affair with Big G’s operating system Android, believe that iOS is nothing but a waste of money and evidence of lower IQ. However, React Native loves both iOS and Android, and builds stunning apps with spectacular UI for both operating systems. Even though, initially, React Native was designed by Facebook for iOS exclusively, they have recently added support for the Android OS as well, considering its popularity around the world.

3. Web and Hybrid Apps

React Native apps are not only hybrid apps, that you can only use on cell phones. On the contrary, it can also be applied to web apps as well. React Native has no parallel when it comes to fulfilling the app related expectations of the iOS and Android OS smart phone users. It is the first output that gives the programmers and developers a way to play with JavaScript howsoever they see suitable, and come up with 100% user friendly native and cross-platform applications for the smartphone users.

4. Open-Source Medium

Open-source is open! It is easy! It is transparent! It is understandable and obviously, usable! One of the many reasons why React Native android and iOS apps are easy to make is because React Native is an open-source library of JavaScript. Because of it being an open-source medium, it is highly probable for its developers to upgrade it and make it possible for people to use it on Windows as well.

5. Reusable Components


The WebView components of the other hybrid applications are a thing of the past now. React Native example app can be built with reusable components. The building blocks of React Native can be used again and the components that programmers employ in iOS or Android Apps have their counterparts in React; thus things are a lot easier than before. With a component based structure of React Native, you can easily develop more web-looking and lively apps. This simply means speed, ease, impressive UI and amazing functionality. Reusable components also mean that by applying React Native UI components, you can easily manipulate existing apps as well.

6. Code Friendly

Some coders have a hard time finding their way around JavaScript. This is because it is huge and cannot be easily tamed. However, with the advent of React Native, it is now relatively easier for programmers to learn code. Not only is it reliable, quick and easy, but React Native apps have proven that they are the most popular JavaScript framework among programmers. Thus, the mobile OS market will soon see a saturation of programmers who are experts of React Native and as a result, the market will grow faster, as well as see an upturn in the number of quality apps.

7. Efficient App Development

What else could boost the Mobile OS market, than a radical development in app building? This is exactly what React Native promises to do, for coders and developers everywhere. Inefficiency, lack of productivity, waste of time and boring UI are a thing of the past for native apps. React Native has changed the game and rocked the mobile OS market with its speedy, agile, responsive and easy hybrid app development capacity. In a nutshell, this framework is a great mix of React JS’s performance, simple programming methods and DOM abstraction, as well as Facebook programmers’ true genius.

8. Integration of Third Party Plugins

The mobile OS market rejoiced when React Native made it possible for app developers to integrate third party plugins in to their hybrid apps. This simply means that, if you are impressed with an existing app’s effective UI, impressive speed, and ease of use, then you can integrate those certain functions in to your app as well, in turn helping you boost your market share. React Native apps use less memory, and have an overall better and smoother user experience as well.

9. Facebook Signature

Yes, this might not be a very important reason to believe that React Native apps will change the mobile OS market in 2016 for the better, but it is a somewhat promising factor. Today Facebook is considered a giant of the tech industry and are in a position to hire some of the best programmers from all over the world. Their standing in the industry ensures that they would never develop a framework like React Native, if not with the sole purpose of changing the Mobile OS market for the better. Facebook’s proclaimed goal of launching React Native was to share a brilliant piece of technology with the community of programmers and app developers around the globe.

So, that was it. We believe that we have listed the most important reasons for why, in our opinion, React Native will entirely change the way people look at the Mobile OS market, as well as the app development industry. We believe it will be beneficial for all parties involved and we would love to hear your thoughts on the matter as well. Please leave your comments in the space provided below.

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