Top 9 Apps To Boost Your Productivity

August 19, 2016 | Usman
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To maximize your productivity, you need to stay focused, cut out distractions and plan smartly. The tedious and monotonous everyday chores can get your spirits down and make you less proactive and productive. It is a good idea to keep on a look out for new ways and tools to help you with bringing innovation, inspiration, and organization back to your day to day life. Stay organized, plan smartly and pick the right tools to do so. These are some of the best apps to increase your productivity:

1. Evernote


This is the easiest and the most straightforward note-taking and note-syncing app. All of your notes and data will be synced to the cloud automatically. You can also create to-do lists, save pictures, audio files and web clippings to the cloud. Evernote’s versatility makes it perfect for saving all the information that you may need to refer to at a later time, with the utmost ease. You can conveniently search through your notes by using keywords. It is available on almost every device.


This easy to use and multiplatform compatible app is a must have. If you like to write things down and make to-do lists, this is your app. It is flexible, intuitive and can be modified. You can create and share tasks and put reminders on them. For someone like me, who is exceedingly dependent on to-do lists, this app can be your new best friend. It has a very interesting feature called moment where you can review your daily tasks and gauge how productive you have been.

You can sync your Google tasks with the app by simply logging in with your Google account. is a perfect blend of functionality and convenience. It is neither too complicated, nor too simplistic. If you want added features, you can upgrade to Premium at a very affordable rate.

3. Dropbox


This is my personal favorite! Every few months, I have a new plethora of pictures and documents but saving them is never an issue. This cloud based storage app will spoil you with its ease of use. All you need to do is drag your desired file into the Dropbox folder and its safe! The desktop version blends in with your computer. You can copy any kind of file from the cloud to your computer or from your computer to the cloud by just dragging it in the desired folder. Dropbox will also sync all of your devices so that you can access your data from any of your gadgets.

4. Quip


Quip provides a platform and tools to create, edit and share documents in the cloud along with an integrated messenger. This app is great for teamwork. You can send text messages to your team and work on your spreedsheets or text documents without switching between the apps. You can create chatrooms for different projects and add or delete as many members as you like.
You can see how your teammates are editing and managing the documents in real time. This means that all the team members stay connected and can collaboratively work on the same file. This can get your work done in half the expected time when you don’t have to worry about sending multiple emails for presenting your work and waiting to get a response.

5. Highrise

high rise

Highrise is a free CRM app that lets you connect with your team, helps manage tasks and goals, and tracks all your leads and proposals. It integrates with your email accounts and calendar making it easier for you to access the information needed to plan your projects effectively.
You can not only make a profile for each of your clients but you can also link photos, tags, and their personal social media accounts to it. So rather than looking at just a client, you look at an individual. Organizing contacts into groups is made easy with custom tag option. If you have hundreds of contacts to add and need more storage, you might want to get the paid plan. Considering how Highrise will raise your productivity, it is worth your money.

6. Shoeboxed


This is a free expense tracking app which allows you to scan your receipt into your device and save it to your expense report. With this app you will not have to manually fill out forms, keep a record of your receipts or carry a bundle of business cared with you. Just scan the card and it will automatically save it to your contact list. This is especially great if you travel frequently for business as it will also track your miles.
Shoeboxed will generate an expense report for you whenever you want. It will integrate with your bank account and also keep on updating your expense information by reading your transactions.

7. SugarSync


SugarSync starts at 100 GB of storage per month for free, limited to 90 days. It is more flexible in terms of pricing than Dropbox, as it offers variant pricing plans from which you can choose. If your demand exceeds 1000 GB a month, you can ask for a tailor-made plan for yourself.

You can share files through a Magic Briefcase which is a mutual folder between you and the person you are sharing your files with. You even choose to share the original links to your files or set the privacy settings to ‘read only’ or ‘view only’ access.
SugarSync keeps multiple copies of your deleted files in the deleted items folder for an unlimited time. If you are prone to deleting files by mistake or simply out of boredom, this will give you a better coverage than Dropbox which keeps your deleted files only for a 30 day period.

8. Bidsketch


Drafting proposals is a tedious process. Most of the times, we are using the same old templates and coversheets with new client names. Not much thought is put into the content and aesthetical appeal of the document which can bring new business to your company. This may not be the best way to approach a new client.
Bidsketch is the proposal generator you are looking for. Create, design, edit and send your custom client proposals and estimates in minutes with this app. You can not only reuse your module style content for each document but also make changes, use different templates and themes, to save your time and make it more appealing for the client.
Electronic signature, standard integrations, flexible branding, analytics and comments are a few other key features of Bidsketch.

9. Buffer


If you are spending too much time posting your blogs and pictures on each of all the major social media networks, you may want to consider installing this app. Buffer is a social media content management app that will post your content on all of your desired platforms with a single click. You will get to manage different social media accounts in one single app and save a lot of time posting the same story over and over again to all of your profiles.
Add your updates, pictures, videos, and tweets to your Buffer and it will automatically space them out throughout the day to post them to your favorite platforms.
Considering the age of advancement we live in, where technology and values advance and change with the speed of light, it is important to make the most of each day. Many web and mobile app development companies are coming up with new and innovative tools to help you match the frequency of the modern times. When so many apps for better organization, efficient instant communication and ease of access to your data, anytime and anywhere, are around the market, it can’t be too hard to deliver your best!

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