Why Ruby on Rails is the most popular platform for Web Developers?

August 9, 2016 | Usman
ruby on rails

Ruby on Rails is just as elegant as its name and programmers love it for its elegance and expressions. Ruby on Rails web development has always been subject to many questions and the most taunting, pinching and compelling of these questions is why it is the most popular platform for web developers? People want to know why every programmer and developer is so madly engaged with Ruby in Rails and what could be the reasons for this Ruby-fever. Well, here you are! Read this post till the end you’d never be curious about why Ruby on Rails?

1. Ruby on Rails Features

What makes Ruby on Rails hotter than July is its features. Ruby on Rails features are simply amazing and they include, but they are not limited to, database access library, MVC architecture and libraries for common tasks. Since this article is solely based on amazing Ruby on Rails features that make this language one of the most popular languages for programmers, we will discuss some other exciting features under separate headings.

2. Turbo-boosted Career

Jobs are getting scarcer and scarcer these days. Companies are firing people with old, irrelevant or minor skills and it is hard to retain one’s job. However, if you work in an IT company or a company with IT related needs, you can learn Ruby on Rails web development and turbo-boost your career with package better than before.

3. A Stunning New Career

Yes, PHP is the most popular language of all times, but not the most popular language NOW. While stats would say differently, programmers are rushing towards Ruby on Rails web development, because it promises an exciting and stunning new career. It can be learned even if you are a dummy and you can join any web development company; they pay really, really, well.

4. Too Many Languages

While PHP is only influenced by 5 computer programming languages, Ruby on Rails is influenced by 8 languages including PYTHON. Ruby on Rails web development thus sells like hotcakes and is very popular among web developers.

5. Building Complex Websites was never so easy

Ruby on Rails features make it possible for even a newbie to follow tutorials or lessons and build complex websites. The programmers who have to build complex websites with databases, love to use Ruby on Rails web development for its capacity to deal with complexity.


6. Market-oriented Web Development

Programmers love Ruby on Rails web development for one more reason. While PHP is for every market and it is a very classic language that applies to almost every market, Ruby on Rails features help the programmers, who like to work in a specific market, adapt to that market needs and use RoR for that.

7. A Promising Community

Ruby on Rails is popular for very diverse reasons. For example, some programming enthusiasts love this language because of being relatively new, growing, improving and promising. They like its freshness and the promise that it shows.

8. Adaptability

One of the most amazing Ruby on Rails features is its adaptability. While it is a very vibrant and mature technology, it is still growing and thus it easily adapts to the changes and challenges of the programming world.

9. Amazing Resources

Ruby on Rails web development is very popular for one more good reason; it has its own libraries with many unique prototypes that enable programmers to save time and hassle and avoid the pain of reinventing the wheel. For people who are in a time crunch or on a tight budget, this is really a gift.
So, now you know why Ruby on Rails web development sells like hotcakes and why programmers as well as employers love this platform. It absolutely because of exciting Ruby on Rails features, some of which are mentioned above.

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