Recent Advancements in Technology – 04 January, 2017

January 4, 2017 | Usman

Technology is a fickle thing. People can go on for hours debating whether it is making a positive impact on our lives, or a negative one. But one thing is for certain. It is ever changing. They are new advancements made every day, and we are here to highlight the ones we think will have a great impact on a society as a whole. Here are the top five recent advancements in science and technology.

1. Disease Breathalyzer

As technology advances further than most people thought possible, the biggest steps being taken are in the field of medicine. Millions of people around the world suffer from one medical problem or the other, and access to proper facilities and doctors are limited for most of them. However, researchers at the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology seem to have found a solution to this problem.

They have created a state of the art Breathalyzer, which they are calling the ‘Na-Nose’, which can identify over seventeen different diseases. All a patient needs to do is to breath into the device, which will then analyze the composition of the various particles that were found in the sample. These can be used to calculate a person’s likelihood of suffering from a specific kind of medical disease. Even though the device currently has an accuracy of over 86%, its creators are constantly working on improving this figure.

2. Growing your own bone

As we saw in the previous point, technology in the medical sector is growing at an alarming rate. This is to counter the growing need for doctors, as well as the new threats facing the medical profession today. Among these threats are IEDs or Improvised Explosive Devices. Constant wars and the rise in terrorism have seen an uptick in the number of people affected by these reprehensible devices, with affects lasting for years on end.

Recently, researchers working on the University of Glasgow’s regenerative medicine project have found a way to help out all those that have been affected by IEDs. They are using 3-D printers to create a sort of scaffold for bones that are further covered with stem cells and nano-layers of a growth substance known as BMP-2. These help the bone tissue to regrow, making it possible for doctors to replace broken or shattered bones, with completely new ones. Not only that, but their shape and size can be changed so as to fit the specific needs of the injured person, making it an optimum solution for IED blast victims.

3. Flying Boat

When the popular 1997 movie ‘James Bond: Tomorrow Never Dies’ was released, people couldn’t stop talking about the stealth boat being used by the main villain. What captivated them most was its unusual shape, using hydrofoil technology that lifted the boats hull out of the water, making it look like it was moving on four stilts. The same technology is now coming to the consumers themselves in the form of a high speed boat called Quadrofoil Q2S.

Even though this vessel is just a two seater at the moment, its shape allows it to go faster than most commercial speed boats, and it can hit a top speed of over 25mph (40km/h). It has also been equipped with an electric motor, that can go over 62 miles (100km) in one charge, making it one of the first zero emission and silent speed boats in the world.


4. Robot with a personality

Even though a few years ago it didn’t really seem possible, home robots are now slowly becoming a reality. Now, they might be very basic at this time and are used for simple tasks like playing music or turning down the lights, they are still a big step up from our usual home appliances.

Recently, a Californian startup called Mayfield Robotics introduced their latest invention, called Kuri. The robot is voice controlled and performs a multitude of functions, which include music playback, as well as integration with other home appliances. The robot also has cameras in its eyes that provide users with a clear video of their premises even when they are not there. Kuri has also been equipped with a laser array that helps it map out the user’s entire house so it can move about with ease.

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