Recent Advancements in Technology – 20 December, 2016

December 20, 2016 | Usman

Technology is a fickle thing. People can go on for hours debating whether it is making a positive impact on our lives, or a negative one. But one thing is for certain. It is ever changing. They are new advancements made every day, and we are here to highlight the ones we think will have a great impact on a society as a whole. Here are the top five recent advancements in science and technology.

1. Brain Implants for the Disabled

Millions of people around the world suffer from various disabilities that make it difficult for them to carry out day to day activities. One of the most common one of these disorders is called Dystonia, which causes prolonged muscle contractions. To date, there has been little or no progress in finding cures for people affected by this syndrome, but recently researchers from the Great Ormond Street Hospital, University College London and Cambridge University, got together to see if anything could be done.

Recent research has found out that the disease is caused due to the mutation of a gene called KMT2B, which led them to select Deep Brain Stimulation as the perfect cure. They began by inserting a neurostimulator in the patient’s brain, which would, in turn, send electrical signals to the affected areas of the brain. This enabled most patients to finally move their limbs around, as well as to show dramatic improvements in their general, everyday life.

2. Heating Scarf

As winter rolls around, an increasing amount of people have started to break out their jackets, gloves, scarves and anything else they can find to protect themselves from the cold. Yet this winter season, a firm from Taiwan, called MOAI electronics, has come up with a new way of keeping people warm or cold, depending on the weather. They have created a temperature adjustable scarf.

Called the G2T scarf, it is designed to change temperature according to the customer’s specific needs. In the winters, the scarf can be warmed up, providing much needed relief around a person’s neck, while the same tech can be used in the summers to cool them off. With over ten hours of battery time, the scarf can easily be used to throughout the day, with not too much hassle.

3. Invisible Tiles

Invisibility is one power that human beings have been after for years, but to no avail. It is one of the most popular super powers in comics, while no science fiction story would be complete without at least one mention of a ‘cloaking device’. Now, the technology to make people completely invisible is still being developed, and has a long way to go, but the ability to turn buildings invisible seems to have arrived.

Recently researchers in Italy created a product, called LUMENTILE, which are essentially new age ceramic tiles. But what sets them apart, is that they have been fitted with small lights, glass, and computer chips, giving them the ability to change colors with just a tap of the finger. Together these tiles can form large screens that can be made to project whatever images the user wants. This enables people to use the technology as a way to cloak their houses and buildings, and eventually, everything else as well.

4. Dog Connect

Pet Dogs usually occupy a very special place in their households and are essentially an extension of the family itself. However, they can’t be taken everywhere and there are quite a few times that owners have to leave them at home, unattended. This poses many problems, however a solution seems to have been found in recent months.

A camera device, called Furbo has been created that can be used to keep an eye on your dogs. The device holds an HD, infrared capable, camera that monitors your dog throughout the day. This feed can be accessed from a mobile app that also allows you to get alerts every time the dog barks, as well as provide the owner with the option of dispensing a treat whenever they want, no matter how far away from home they get.

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