Recent Advancements in Technology – 13 December, 2016

December 13, 2016 | Usman

Technology is a fickle thing. People can go on for hours debating whether it is making a positive impact on our lives, or a negative one. But one thing is for certain. It is ever changing. They are new advancements made every day, and we are here to highlight the ones we think will have a great impact on a society as a whole. Here are the top five recent advancements in science and technology.

1. Flying Ambulance

In times of medical emergencies, the role of an ambulance driver is perhaps as important as the doctors themselves. They are in charge of getting patients closer to professional help, and without them the mortality rate would be a lot higher. In remote regions, with few or no medical facilities nearby, this job can get a lot harder. In these situations responders usually use a helicopter, but even that can get tricky sometimes. This is why Urban Aeronautics’ recent invention, called the Cormorant, is being touted as the next big breakthrough in medical transportation vehicles.

The Cormorant is an automated flying vehicle, which has the capability to carry patients and basic medical supplies. The machine can be controlled remotely, and unlike a helicopter, can land on any kind of surface or area. With the use of ducted fans, the vehicle is able to navigate through tight spaces, and its advanced technology allows it to make real time decisions, according to its specific situation. Getting saved was never so easy!

2. Jumping Robot

Animals have been a great source of inspiration for humans, whether it is in the field of architecture, car design and, even robotics. As robots become increasingly advanced, most of the current focus is on making them faster, more agile and able to perform functions that a normal human being could never do. Recently researchers at the University of California, Berkeley have managed to create a new robot, called Salto, which is able to make multiple high jumps in a row.
Now we realize that a robot that can jump very high isn’t very exciting. But the applications of this technology have far reaching consequences. Salto was made by studying the Galago, an animal famed for its vertical leaps. By integrating this technology in new age robots, we can be assured that they will be able to move across all kinds of terrain, as well as be able to make these movements faster and more agile than any human being.

3. Creating Electricity From Motion

Every movement uses, and creates, energy. Whether it’s walking from one point to another, throwing a ball, riding a bike- all of these actions lead to the creation of energy. But, most of this energy ends up being wasted, and it brings us to an interesting point. What if we could harness all this power, and use it to power things like our cell phones or laptops?

Well that is that same question that Nelson Sepulveda asked himself. And with the help of his accomplished team of researchers, he created a film like material that is capable of generating electricity when it is pressed down or moved in any way. It also increases its output voltage depending on the number of times it is folded. With just a few design tweaks, it is expected that this innovative new design could power our appliances for years on end, free of cost.

4. Smart Mattress

A good night’s sleep is one of the most essential parts of a person’s life. But the growing use of our cell phones, changing global markets, and Netflix, has made it almost impossible to get a long and uninterrupted sleep, on a daily basis. However, now there seems to be a solution, and its quite simply called, the smart mattress.

An American company called Eight have created a new kind of mattress; one that can be connected to your i-pod, you email, your phone and even the lights and blinds in your room. An app allows you to control the temperature of the mattress, and you also have the option of changing your settings according to preset time. The bed also serves as an alarm clock, and it monitors each person’s sleeping habits, which are then tabulated to give you a detailed report of your sleep cycle.

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