Recent Advancements in Technology – 10 January, 2017

January 10, 2017 | Usman

Technology is a fickle thing. People can go on for hours debating whether it is making a positive impact on our lives, or a negative one. But one thing is for certain. It is ever changing. They are new advancements made every day, and we are here to highlight the ones we think will have a great impact on a society as a whole. Here are the top five recent advancements in science and technology.

1. Atom Sized Wires

Nanotechnology has come a long way over the years and everyday scientists are making even more breakthroughs in this field. The ultimate goal is to create something that takes the least amount of space and effort to perform seriously complex tasks. Recently researchers at Stanford University and the Department of Energy’s SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory got together to do just that.

By using very small diamondoids, they have managed to create semi-conductible wires that are only three atoms wide. This is a huge development in the world of nanotechnology as it opens up countless new avenues for scientists everywhere. They can now use these wires to create electricity generating fabric, optoelectronic devices as well as superconductors etc.

2. Wallpaper Television

There was a time when the television sets in our houses used to catch the eye as soon as you walked into the room. They were so big and bulky that they couldn’t go unnoticed for long. This is why, ever since, companies have been trying tirelessly to make the new designs as sleek and thin as possible. But now LG has taken this concept to the very next level, with the release of their brand new W-Series OLED.

At just 1/10 of an inch thick, it is the slimmest television ever made and is the same thickness as a piece of cardboard. The television is mounted on the wall using two simple to use clips, making it look like its virtually part of the wall itself. Along with regular features like HDMI, USB, Ethernet, LG have also provided consumers with Dolby Atmos sound effects to make their experience even more memorable.

3. Selfie Drone

The selfie craze started quite a few years ago, and has since grown to become one of the biggest phenomena in the world. People are absolutely obsessed with them, and in their quest to get the best picture, there have been reports of accidents, and even deaths. But with the release of the AirSelfie, all these problems are now part of the past.

AirSelfie is a small, hand sized drone that can easily fit into our phone case. It is connected to your phone through an app, which lets you fly and maneuver it around. It is equipped with an HD camera that makes videos, and takes pictures, while it can fly up to twenty feet into the air. The drone is fairly easy to fly, and hovers over the ground, if left to its own devices. With drones expected to become such an important part of our lives, don’t be surprised if you see an AirSelfie in everybody’s phone case within the next few years.

4. Atom Sized Radio

For quite a long time, the radio was the best source for entertainment and news for millions of people around the world. Since then, they have been replaced with far more superior pieces of technology, yet their influence on our daily lives has not waned. Today they can be found in GPSs, mobile phones, Bluetooth and many more such technologies.

Now, researchers at the Harvard John A. Paulson School of Engineering and Applied Sciences (SEAS) have come with an innovative new design that reduces a typical radio transmitter’s size to just that of two atoms. They used imperfections in pink diamonds, called nitrogen-vacancy to create the transmitters, and this invention is expected to have far reaching consequences in various fields. Since the radio transmitters are able to withstand almost every environment possible, they can be used in diverse fields, ranging from the development of pacemakers, all the way to space travel.

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