Node.js Foundation Releases Node.js V6 – Open Source Updates

May 11, 2016 | Greg Nelson
NodeJs Releases V6

Open-source refers to software which gives its users the right to examine, alter and distribute the code for any reason. This is quite interesting as users can express their own creativity and talent into the software that they use most frequently.

The Open source revolution started in 1997 when a researcher name Eric Raymond published and analysis of the hacker community and free software guidelines. The paper was titled the “The Cathedral and the Bazaar.” The paper rose in prominence in 1998 and Netscape communications got persuaded and released the ‘Netscape Communicator.’

2016-04-26 3.5 Million users

19 years down the line, the leading consortium known as the Node.Js Foundation announced the release of Node.JsV6 for its users in April, 2016. From internet of things(IoT) to enterprise application and cellular phone applications, NodeJS is emerging as a one stop universal framework for processing. It enables end to end JavaScript developers to use it for

  • Internet of Things projects
  • Front end development
  • Back end Development
  • Mobile App development

The latest version comes with some updates which are significant. This enables the 3.5 million users to now have the following improvements

  • The module landing feature is now four times faster than the one in Node.jsV4 helping decrease the time of startup of time for large applications.
  • The new version comes with v8 Java script engine 5.0 enabling improved ES6 support.
  • The improvement of ES6 support now enables 93% of its features to be used seamlessly.
  • Improved security features assisting developers in writing a better more secure code.
  • Introduction a Buffer API will reduce bugs and issues that occur in various applications
  • The new version comes with a documented research and beta testing done for potential users in an attempt to increase reliability of the software.

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