How Social Media Can Boost Sales For My Business?

September 20, 2016 | Usman

Social Media! The 21st century cyber-hype! No wonder experts believe that these days 90% of the internet means social media and the situation will remain the same for many decades. People love to socialize and open a window to another life which is free of the stress and challenges that they face in real life, hence the social media. But, did anyone think that something so casual and fun like social media could be used to boost business and gain an unfair advantage against the competitors? Well, this is happening. Now social media is considered one of the most effective and amazing tools to boost sales. In this post you will learn how an effective social media strategy can help you boost sales online.

1. Grow as a Brand over Social Media
One of the most important things to remember while boosting sales by using the internet or social media is to develop a business identity as a brand. Social media is just a different platform with same type of people you meet in real life, and they would prefer a brand to a person. That is, you cannot use your personal Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or LinkedIn etc. accounts for branding, but only in personal capacity. To brand like a brand and a company, you need company-specific accounts and pages.
For example, if you are into social media marketing and company’s name is Digi-Genius, you must have your Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ pages in same name or similar names, and your Twitter account name must also be same or similar. Why? Because people do not take people seriously; they take brands seriously.

2. Social Appeal – Not a Cheesy Pitch
Those who have been into the sales would agree that people get alert whenever they notice that you are trying to sell them something. One of the major mistakes that people make while doing social media marketing is to talk cheesy and salesy about their products or services. As a result, their prospects get alert and seal their pockets. The best way is to be social and make people believe that all you are promising to do is help them. People love the social appeal and once you manage to win their hearts and minds, boosting sales online is a piece of cake. So, the key is to be social enough so as to establish one to one relationship with prospects, and make them think that you are there to help them; if you do this, sales will automatically follow.

3. Content is the King
Well, it’s bit of a cliché now. We have read or heard this statement so many times that now it simply appears to be a hoax. However, the major misconception that people have in respect of content is actually about the nature of content and its job. If you get the right kind of content to boost sales online, you’ll never fail. It is actually not the content, but the value-added and value-driven content that is the King. By value-added and value-driven content we mean content free of plagiarism, based on in-depth industry research and trends, and accompanied by videos, pictures and infographics etc. You need a permanent copywriter or content writing expert to make sure that your pages keep generating quality content 24/7.
The best thing to do is to make at least one post after every 3 hours. This strategy will connect you with your prospects, and continuously published quality content will make them believe that your business is genuine and holds some value for them. If you achieve this target, your online sales will automatically boost and the same method goes for boosting sales offline.

4. Ace the Customer Service
Social media business is all about perfect quality of services/products, perfect refund or exchange policy and perfect customer service. Imagine doing business in a world where a person who has not even used your product or service can go to your Facebook page (don’t tell us that you didn’t know that a Facebook page is a must to boost sales online and for social media marketing) and leave a 1 star rating with a nightmare of a review. Such a rating or review will certainly ruin your business and you need to know that making enemies while doing an online business is not at all possible. So, make sure to ace the customer service practices and ethics. Win the hearts and minds. Make sure to build a very positive, customer-friendly, fair and transparent online image.

5. Hashtag is the key Lara!
Let us not talk about social media marketing strategy or boosting sales. Let us simply try to understand what sets trends over social media? What people follow and how a hype can be created? Because more or less, business is a trend or a hype that you create and people buy it with their hard earned cash. The answer to abovementioned questions is #HashTag. Yes, this is what makes anything a trend. You want to pull down the totalitarian dictators through Arab spring or you want to announce your new spring collection, hashtag is the key. You can add your business hashtags e.g. #WinterSale or #SuccessInOnlineBusiness to your tweets, Facebook posts or Google+ and LinkedIn posts etc. and add a promo code to such posts and tweets. Boom! You’d see how sales come rolling in.

6. Social Media Stores
Considering the trend, now social media giants like Facebook offer people to set their entire stores on their business pages and people can buy directly, from the Facebook store of such a company, buy simply pressing the Buy button. This is not it. Online business giants like Shopify have partnered with Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest etc. This means that in order to run a Shopify shop, you do not have to set up your own ecommerce store; you can simply use Shopify option for Facebook and sell on Facebook using Shopify’s brilliant solutions. This is the social media revolution and now boosting sales is very easy because of the reach and ease social media provides to you.

7. Social Media Buttons
Believe us! It is not only you who needs social media’s help, social media also needs your help in order to boost sales for you. There are many ways of helping people find you. One of those ways is your own business website. While you might have same content on your business website as your social media pages, there is no doubt the social media attracts more people. Place the buttons for your social media handles on your website, let your prospects find you over social media and some of them would certainly click the purchase button.

8. Promote your Business Shamelessly
Yes, that’s the biggest secret of boosting sales on social media. Boost your Facebook posts. This lady earned $2,400 by spending only $20 on boosted posts. If you earn only $100 per $20, it is still a win-win situation. Then there is Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter ads etc. Pay a small amount monthly to reach to the prospects and let your ads bring in massive sales for you. Also, use industry-specific and research oriented infographics and videos to promote your business. A serious audience will take you seriously after these serious promotional efforts are made and the final outcome would definitely be a big boost in sales.
Try these tricks and let us know the results. Wish you best of luck with your future endeavors.

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