How Best Can Startups Reap the Benefits of Ruby on Rails?

December 1, 2016 | Usman

If you still do not know why Ruby on Rails can be next big thing for your startup, here are nine reasons that might make you think differently! Shopify, Airbnb, Twitter, SoundCloud and so many more. The number of major corporations taking advantage of Ruby on Rails is immense and the list keeps on growing every passing day. An increasing number of startups have also been embracing this technology, yet the question remains: how best can they reap the benefits of Ruby on Rails? Well we have highlighted nine points that might make the answer a lot simpler!

1. A+ for Ease of Learning

When people set up a startup, their primary concern is not the amount of money they will earn, but the lessons they can learn to further advance their business. Almost every big company in Silicon Valley was once a startup, and what brought them to the pinnacle of the IT world was their desire to adapt quickly. This is where the true advantages of Ruby on Rails tutorials for beginners can come in handy. Not only is it relatively easier to learn, it is also quite simple to use, and can effortlessly be integrated into a startups business model, making it the best programming framework for beginners.

2. Need for Speed

Even though programmers adore Ruby for its ease of use, there is no denying that its next big advantage is its speed. For a startup, time is of the essence. While more established firms and smarter startups might try to smother your brainchild in the bud, by reverting to Ruby on Rails, you can use your time more efficiently.

Usage statistics suggest that those who use Ruby, have a better chance to get ahead of their competition. This is primarily because it offers you the speed that no other framework can, along with a lot of third party libraries, tutorials and easy architecture, which enables you to complete your projects ahead of schedule.

3. Customization Options

Who doesn’t love customizations? In the world of web design and development, the ability to adequately customize your website matters quite a lot. A great example is that of Divi theme, a WordPress drag and drop page builder theme, which serves a lot of purposes, among which is an option to customize your blog, website, online store, etc. any way you want.

It has been making some waves in recent times and a lot of small companies, startups and individuals are clamoring to use it. However, none of their projects will bear any similarity to one another, because of the wealth of customization options provided by Divi theme.

This is the beauty of customization, and with Ruby on Rails, it can be a piece of cake. There are countless examples of programmers using Ruby on Rails, as well as the wealth of customizations it offers, to completely change the interface of their client’s websites and to mold their design in any way they see fit.

4. Tools and Plugins

What do digital entrepreneurs and techies love the most? A plethora of Tools and plugin options! Ruby on Rails provides programmers with these and much more. Not only do these tools and plugins make their job easier, they also make web development a lot faster, more efficient, and cost-effective. It also provides a better picture of what you can, and cannot do, with you project, in the long term

5. Security

Today, cyber security is more than just a luxury that only a few big corporations could afford- it is a necessity. The need to protect their data and their online assets is one that is shared by everyone involved in the IT world, and the recent hacks of several high profile companies has led to an even greater focus on this big issue.

Now for years, Ruby on Rails has been considered among the most secure frameworks in the world, and it is very likely to survive most hacking attempts. The security it offers ensures that your data will not be vulnerable to theft and gives startups the option to list security as one of their Unique Selling Points.


6. Automated Testing of Codes

Imagine that your customer needs a website that allows people to subscribe for a free report and upon subscription, they receive emails about further offers. Now the programmer includes the option of subscription but forgets to add the field for email address. This will kill the very purpose of the service. This is called a bug. However, if you are using Ruby on Rails, you can use its accurate written tests to easily avoid any such issues.

7. Interaction is the Key

A Chinese proverb states that, if you can’t smile, you better not open a shop. This is the value of positive interaction. Nowadays, from teaching to startups, everything depends on an interactive model of doing things.

People love interaction because it brings them closer and makes their jobs easier. What you can build with Ruby on Rails mostly depends on how good you are at interaction-related web design.

This framework is a goldmine for startups with a focus on content input, user feedback, user subscriptions, data storage, data management, or anything that requires a form of interaction between people. In short, for any website which is not a simple static 7 pager, Ruby on Rails is the way to go.

8. Large Community is Big on Help!

Why is it that people love WordPress? Well, one of the big reasons is the large community of people using it today. These people are extremely helpful and are always available to answer any queries or problems that might arise. Hardly a single question will go unanswered and therein lies the beauty of Ruby on Rails.

It too has a large community that is always ready and willing to help! Not only that, but it is also showing signs of vast growth and now you can find countless workshops, tutorials, webinars etc. to help you on your way. They are eager to help new people and a startup should definitely try to avail all the chances this community offers to newcomers.

9. Abundant Talent!

There is one thing that a startup needs more than money and time; it is talent. Talent is the engine that gives your startup a lift and launches it into the stratosphere. Today, it is relatively easy to find talented people well versed in Ruby on Rails and as we said earlier, the community is growing every day.

Even though this framework has yet to see the glory that PHP enjoys today, its time is coming. So, it is beneficial for startups to get ahead of the field and hire some talented Ruby on Rails programmers and coders as soon as possible. Not only can they help you with your own company’s website, but they can also offer you the option of entering the rich new world of Ruby on Rails programming yourself. Perhaps, your startup will live off of the Ruby on Rails programming orders.

So, possibilities are always there. You just need to explore them to their fullest. Same goes for Ruby on Rails. It is the future and the sooner you embrace it, the better for your company.

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