How 25 Year Old David Heinemeier Hansson Changed the World?

November 25, 2016 | Usman

You’ve never heard this name? Well, if you know Ruby on Rails, then this is the blog for you! So, you do not know who David Heinemier Hansson is? Never even heard of his name? That’s alright. But you might have of something called Ruby on Rails? Yes, the state of the art, web application framework, which has revolutionized web development! Now, we could list the various advantages and applications of Ruby on Rails, but we’ll leave that for another day. What we will talk about today is a guy named David Heinemeir Hansson, who invented Ruby on Rails when he was only 25 years old. How he managed to achieve so much, at such a young age, is astounding, and that is the point. With this blog, we hope to show you how the world would have been so different, had it not been for David and his incredible invention, Ruby on Rails.

1. The World Will Never Be The Same For Twitter, And Many Others

If you go back in time, you could see how one person’s courage and innovative mind changed programming forever. This is what David accomplished when he was only 25. Today, his framework is being used by some of the biggest corporations in the online world, which include Twitter, Shopify, Soundcloud, Airbnb, Slideshare … you name it. The secret behind this success, is the ease and comfort that Ruby on Rails offers to new programmers, as well as old. The learning process is relatively simple, yet the results are far superior to any of their competitors, evidenced by the multitude of online giants using Ruby on Rails today.

No, we are not going to declare David the Messiah of programming, but obviously his framework made it a lot easier than ever. programming is way more fun and convenient than it was ever before, and that is all down to David’s ingenuity.

2. One Framework, Many Languages

David knew that Ruby on Rails’ job would only get harder if Ruby could not accommodate as many languages as possible. Here lies another one of David’s great accomplishments. He made a framework that encapsulated a lot of languages; some of which do not influence PHP or Python. As a result, programming became more flexible and David got the attention of internet’s big shots as well as laymen who wanted to create their own websites, in a more dynamic and flexible framework.

3. David Knew The Value Of Speed

Ruby on Rails is David’s life’s biggest accomplishment and this framework could not do a good job without the advantage of its speed. He revolutionized the speed in terms of lines of code and average run time, which is why Ruby on Rails is blazing fast, as compared to its competitors. This speed, line and length that David provided the programmers, helped him bring the world into a whole new era of programming.

4. Cyber Security

David started programming in a world, where any good hacker, even in a remote area, could get access to credit card information or your social security card, with just a click of the button. Cyber security was a big challenge, and David had the responsibility to offer something that would improve on the existing system. And he did! Today, Ruby on Rails is considered one of the securest frameworks, and even PHP, which claims 26% of total websites, does not offer the same level of security and protection. This is one more important point to show how a young 25 year old programmer changed the world.

5. Hacker of the Year

Although now it seems a bit odd to mention this point, because David has done a lot more for humanity, this point still shows us how he changed the world. The internet giant Google recognized and acknowledged his genius with their O’Reilly Open Source Award, which is presented to individuals for their “dedication, innovation, leadership and outstanding contribution to open source”. He was named Hacker of the Year for creating Ruby on Rails, a sign of his rising influence in the IT world.


6. ALMS Rookie of the Year

Now, we might be going over the reasonable limit, but getting declared ALMS Rookie of the Year is no small achievement either. Even though it is awarded by the American Le Mans Series (ALMS) to promising young drivers, this just goes to show David’s great thirst for self-improvement and innovation. He wanted to first inspire the IT world with Ruby on Rails, and when he was done with that, he turned to his other passion, car racing. And he excelled at that too, as he does in all things in his life.

So, if you still need a reason to start working on your dreams, regardless of your age, then here it is. David Heinemeier Hansson is the epitome of the great Steve Jobs’ mantra, “Stay hungry, stay foolish!”

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