7 Tricks To Make Effective Business Decisions

August 18, 2016 | Usman

You have to be headstrong to make quick and effective business decisions. This is particularly relevant if the consequences involve high financial and professional risks. This pressure to take a decision that is in the best interest of your business or company may give you anxiety, even if you are naturally good at it. Many other factors like this can cloud your mind. These tips and tricks will help you keep your head clear and your focus sharp on the final result.

1. Gather information
Be informed. Be very informed! Nothing can compare to the power of information. This is one factor that will keep you ahead the rest and will assist you in taking the most pragmatic decision. The amount of information and knowledge you possess will determine the accuracy of you judgment.

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Collect as much information as you can from as many sources as possible. Take into account each detail that might be of any relevance to your decision. Know the facts and statistics of your company and keep an eye on what trends your competitors are following. Checking the social media accounts linked to your business can be useful and give you an overview about the general trends in your market and the rise and fall of public demands.

2. Analyze the potential benefits and challenges
Weigh the benefits against the risks that might come with your decision. Explore and investigate the potential profit or advantage which is driving you to take a particular decision. Assess the nature and impact of the challenges that are involved. Don’t assume a certain result, instead consider all probable outcomes. Engage your critical thinking and scrutinize each aspect of your decision.
Depending on the nature of your business, critically analyze all the major factors involved. Make sure that you are not spreading yourself too thin and that the benefits you will reap through this venture are greater than the resources you spend on it.

3. Risk management

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Spend time, budget and resources on effective risk management planning and strategies. You can never avoid taking risks in business but you can surely take good measures to mitigate it. Review in depth what is at stake and how beneficial is the potential gain against it. Take deliberated and very calculated risks. Don’t jump into a decision that doesn’t appeal to your logical mind. This will sometimes include saying no to opportunities that may seem very promising. Go only for the ones which seem favorable for you current circumstances. Don’t leave too much to chance or you might end up regretting your leap of faith.

4. Consider other’s opinion
In your personal life, it is probably not a good idea to base your decisions depending on other’s opinions. But when it comes to business, regard other viewpoints and opinions before coming to a conclusion. This is not only a great tool to promote trust and reliability between you and your business colleagues, but it will also give you many different perspectives on how to approach a certain problem. Keep your managers and business advisors always on board with you. Have fruitful discussions. They might offer some valuable information that could change your decision for the better.

5. Have a backup plan


Having a backup plan means you can proceed to take a decision with added confidence. Even if you think you have made an extremely profitable decision and the plan is fool-proof, consider investing in a backup plan. So that if by some chance of fate, your plan does not go perfectly or the tide simply turns against you, there will at least be solution you can resort to and minimize the damage.

6. Consider ethical and moral codes
Always remember that the ultimate goal behind all our ventures is our personal growth and development. Today’s cutthroat competition in every field of life, calls for decisions based on logic, rationale and practicality. It is one thing to not to emotions sway you into taking a certain decision but you must always take into account the moral and ethical repercussions of your chosen path. This consideration might not always end up in the best financial gains but it will for sure, end up projecting your image in the best possible light. If your integrity is compromised in anyway by your own doing, even your profits will fail to fulfill you. If you break ethical codes for profit, you will start to lose your credibility in the eyes of your team.

7. Don’t delay
I, like many modern men, am prone to Prufrockian paralysis. This state of suspension is the greatest threat to my wellbeing. I know, a lot of people can relate to it. So, how do we go about it? Make conscious efforts not to let this state of stupor and inactivity freeze you. When you have all the stats and information, it is time to take a decision. Going over it again and again or delaying it, only takes away the confidence you and your client have in your abilities.
Believe in your abilities, stay confident and focused. It is important in the business world to keep your eyes on the big picture. If you do make a mistake, don’t let it define your future plans. Regret will take you nowhere, exceptional future planning and learning from your mistakes will!

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