App Devlopment: the Optimal Approach

May 26, 2016 | Salman Akhtar

Translating an idea into reality can be tough. The stark difference in the resolution of our imagination compared with reality leads to execution impediments. To blow a sample of the world away with your idea in the form of a mobile app is appealing.

The first statement defines a purpose for deliberation. To create a mobile app that spreads like wildfire or gets considerable recognition. The statement of purpose leads to an investigation carried out by me to assist you in executing your dream into reality!

The puzzle does not end here. Even if the final service/product is truly amazing; how can one ensure if it will be recognized and downloaded by enough people. What if it is not ‘that’ good. Also there is no way on earth for you to ensure that even if its downloaded that it will be used regularly enough for it to become a sustaining phenomenon.

First Step

First Step

The first step which is the most important is to know about the audience you want to engage. The potential user base would help you identify an appropriate method through which you can get to who you are creating the app for.

Second Step

The second step must detail what people who are operating with a similar idea are doing. The functionality and the look of their applications can provide a guideline for how and how not your application can be. Also finding critical reviews for competitors and a critique for your application are essential steps towards creating the best application ever.



Your competitors are your best teachers. How? Their app’s features and all possible ways they have employed to make their app popular and in-demand will drive your imagination and way of thinking to a whole new level. Even if someone criticizes your app then it is best for you as you know what and why your app needs to be modified.

Business Outreach

Business Outreach

For business promotion, Android platforms are catering to a much larger market; however if you are trying to market something which is a niche and high-end Ios software apps may be the answer.

Very Important

The most important step is to realize the true potential and invest time, efforts and funds accordingly. Starting slow and gaining pace later has never been a bad idea, invest in low cost and intriguing ideas. Rely heavily on feedbacks for your initial works whenever you plan to step ahead!


The design needs to be ergonomic, the coding needs to be solid to avoid any kind of lag or delay, your app is likely to get lost in the web of those apps that never made it. Keep it swift and to the point and all will be good.



The app needs to have that global appeal for audiences beyond the main target market. If the app only caters to a niche then it is likely to fade away. It also needs to have that X factor which lures the user into being a regular user.

Always try to generate opinions about your idea from neutral sources which are reliable or part of the intended audience. Beta testing by various users who have no stake in your product would give you a view that you may have missed till now!

Ease of Use

If we look from the point of view of our users then no-one would want to spend even a single second in understanding the app’s functionality. This is when you need to understand the importance of simplicity. Never ever complicate your app, it would only exacerbate your downloads and its usage.

Applications are forgotten quickly if the interface does not point to the obvious functionality. With information overload being a persistent feature; understanding an app these days is a rare phenomenon. Keep it to the point and easy to use!

The user friendliness part of the app entails high degree of customization options that the users can fiddle with. It should give a sense of having ‘everything’ in it. The degree of customization allowed can be a defining factor for your app.

Social Media Integration

Social Media Integration

Considering options that keep increasing the reach of your app is something that should be a regular practice, one way for a decent app to become the next big thing is if you use social media integration for your app. The effect is positive as more users become aware of your application.

Keep Updating

Keep Updating

If you look at the most popular computer games on offer, the whole novelty about them revolves around updates and newer versions with better features/gameplay. By using “the less is more” philosophy, keep the audience engaged by what they can expect next. This can make your app a sustainable success. You can thank me later!

The question of whether to charge for an application largely is related to the purpose of the application in question. Informational and promotional applications are usually offered free of charge.

The global appeal bit entails one more thing that if the application truly has global appeal; it can be used as an income generator in other locations. That largely depends on if your app makes ‘it’.

There is a thin line between having good customization options whilst avoiding cluttering. Clutter refers to an overload of information or anything to a point where it becomes unpleasant. This can lead to the popularity of your app taking a dip.

For business promotion, Android platforms are catering to a much larger market; however if you are trying to market something which is a niche and high-end, Ios software apps may be the answer.

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Author: Salman Akhtar

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