9 things Every IT Geek Should Know!

May 9, 2016 | Salman Akhtar
Myth Buster

Imagine learning the English language without the assistance of the alphabets, you might be able to communicate verbally, but anything that may require correspondence in the language without verbal communication may be seriously compromised.

Today’s piece reflects on nine most important things that anyone associated with the IT industry should know. It is not an exclusive list, but it surely encompasses some of the most important facts that should be known like everyone knows the alphabet.

1. A Myth Buster

Myth Buster

The first fact can serve as a myth buster for quite a few people. Your best friend and confidant online, Google, will not solve everything for you. Whilst a detailed inspection of every matter can yield mostly relevant results for any IT related person, it is not the solution to all your problems!. Though Google may provide an answer for every query that you may type into it, filtering the results and making sense out of the presented information is something that not All IT related professionals may be able to do. Hence it is in my view the most important thing that every IT geek should know.

2. Upgrade Technology and Equipment

Upgrade Technology and Equipment

Secondly it’s a natural phenomenon for computers to become slow. Take an example of a type writer, the type writer of the 80’s was completely different from the type writer of the 90’s and so on. Replacing technologies and equipment that becomes not optimally functioning is something that every IT geek should practice.

3. Electronic Mailing works

Electronic Mailing works

Third thing that should not come across as a huge surprise is that emailing is considered in the IT world as the primary communication method; It lets you detail each and every aspect of the proposition or the argument before it reaches the intended recipient. The email then stays as an active notification for the recipient till he/she finds the time to answer to it. This is also common knowledge for IT world professionals.

4. Follow procedure and protocols

Follow procedure and protocols

The knack of following instructions is something that is cardinal for any IT geek. Against human nature where curiosity leads the way; a clear preference to follow a step by step procedure is what defines a good IT professional. Not able to follow instructions leads to hindrances in the communication process and may make future tasks cumbersome or nonexistent. Also developing the ability to read instructions carefully no matter how simple the task seemingly is also cardinal to becoming a great IT professional.

5. Myth Buster 2

Myth Buster 2

Another myth buster that should be general knowledge is that though macs are secure and virus free but not because they are better equipment, but only a small minority of the total world population uses Mac’s. For cyber criminals its only viable to attack the exceedingly large number of Pc’s when compared with Mac books.

6. Be a Leader, an Idea Champion

Be a Leader, an Idea Champion

The world where IT geeks live is mostly virtual and each one of the mostly introverted IT professionals have to work in teams; the second part of this publication will talk about team dynamics that every IT professional should be acquainted with.

A perfect IT geek would be someone who can come up with new and innovative ideas in an instant. Staying quiet and being a good listener is good but it is not good enough!

Expressing your opinion shows your interest and leadership capacity. If it is something related to your job description then you must be able to provide a sustainable effective solution for it. We also do not suggest that you become someone who talks more than required. If you have a winner in your view, express it more effectively by putting it in email or skype chat form to legitimize it being your idea, this can also entail a meeting with fewer people.

7. Communicate effectively within teams

Communicate effectively within teams

Keeping a steady line of communication between various branches of the team and with the client is also an essential art that needs to be mastered. According to a survey most IT professionals lose out on opportunities due to an inability to communicate effectively. Communication that is bounded by effective listening and responding to the exact questions can define a great IT geek. Understanding organizational hierarchy and the communication styles prevalent in the organization is also encouraged.

8. Continuous Improvement

Continuous Improvement

Kaizen is a concept that revolves around a continuous strife for betterment. With the rapidly evolving IT world a focus on improving your basic skills as well as becoming acquainted with building a new skill for a ‘Hip’ technology is the recipe for success.

Going to the management side of things or improving presentation skills can also be something that could be focused on. The key here is to show a need to grow and evolve, which is consistent with what the team wants from you!

Balancing the two forms of self-improvement is also a phenomenon that has considerable importance, cluttering your brain with so many dimensions may prove harmful to existing operations. Hence knowing when to focus on self-improvement and when to focus on existing tasks is cardinal for a good IT geek/professional.

9. Be a Team Player

Be a Team Player

An innate ability to become a functioning member of a team can be the most important thing that an IT geek must master. The ability to perform in a team environment can be a telling task and could take away so much from someone who might be a great worker while left alone. Formation of a highly fluid team hierarchy leads to complete team coherence and most optimal functioning.

Author: Salman Akhtar

Salman Akhtar likes to portray brilliance into whatever he wants to do, in this undying quest heirarchy and structure dies and is taken over by a euphoric feeling of doing everything right.

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