9 Easy Ways To Motivate Your Employees

August 22, 2016 | Usman
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Workers are the most important asset of a company. Success of a company or an enterprise depends on its workers’ hard work and dedication. If they are discouraged or demotivated, the employer will not be able to exploit their potential to the maximum scale. These simple steps will help you to inspire and motivate your employees and increase their productivity for your own benefit.

1. Don’t undervalue their worth
If you are underpaying your employees, they will not value their work or show any loyalty towards your company. According to a survey by the American Psychological Association, one in every three employees is underpaid. A large percentage of workers would leave their job for even a 5% raise. To form a strong and loyal team, make sure that you are keeping them motivated by paying them according to their worth, their salary is not less than what other companies in your industry are paying. Value your team’s worth and they will value your goals.

2. Create a pleasant work environment
An unorganized, cluttered, and unsystematic environment is bound to cause confusion and increase mismanagement in the workplace. A clean and well-balanced office can be very intellectually stimulating. A comfortable environment will make sure that your workers look forward to coming to work every day.

3. Prioritize and set clear goals


So many employees waste time and struggle with being productive purely because they are not sure about how to prioritize work on their own. They need a well-defined schedule to follow. Help them stay on the track with well-defined goals and make sure that they understand the relative importance of each task that they are handling.

4. Reward and appreciate their success
Nothing kills your motivation like feeling unappreciated. This is basic human nature. If you appreciate your employees’ work, they will gladly work harder for you. If their efforts are gone unrecognized, they might become indifferent to their own success and failure. Keep their interest intact by offering bonuses. Acknowledge every little success they achieve and offer free food, tickets, or discount coupons, anything to make them feel appreciated.

5. Communicate individually with your workers
Employee motivation depends a lot on feeling valued. One way to make them feel important is to communicate with them face-to-face. Make a direct contact to show them that you personally observe them. This will surely boost their morale and trigger them to work harder.

6. Offer self-development opportunities
Provide them with opportunities and training sessions to keep them abreast of the latest trends, technologies and advancement in the related field. This will not only sharpen their existing skills but also help them acquire new ones. This will ultimately be profitable for your own goals.

7. Provide incentives
When you set and share goals with your team, make sure that you give them incentives to work hard for them. Excite them by offering rewards that can spark their interest and desire to achieve their goals happily. Offering bonus or a holiday raise your employees’ spirits too.

8. Encourage team spirit


Involve your team in group activities which can culminate trust and companionship. Give importance to each person’s contribution, no matter how small it is. Try not to incite a sense of unhealthy competition by bluntly comparing one employee’s work to the other. This will disrupt and damage the team spirit, which will lead to an overall disturbed and demoralizing environment.

9. Empower and involve them
Give individual attention to every employee. Make them feel important. When you have to take a business decision or plan a project, involve them. Listen to their opinions and invite suggestions. They will feel more inspired and motivated since they are a part of each aspect and decision of the organization.
Without motivation, no great goals can be achieved. It is important to keep your team in high spirits by breaking the monotony and dealing with boredom in innovative and constructive ways. Remember a motivated team will affect your own spirit too!

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