10 Must Have Free WordPress Ecommerce Plugins

August 23, 2016 | Usman

Most marketers choose WordPress for its versatility, flexibility, and adaptability. You don’t have to spend money on developers and designers for your website. The built-in blogging feature makes it easier for you to draw more attention to your product by increasing your site’s SEO.
If the built-in features don’t satisfy your needs and you want to increase the functionality of your ecommerce site, there are several plugins that you can use according to you specifications. We are reviewing some of the hottest ones here!

With Woocommerce you have access to hundreds of themes and extensions. You can select and control how you site looks and add tons of features to it with no effort. You can sell both physical and digital products, manage your inventory, orders, sales reports, and shipping details with Woocommerce.

2. WP e-Commerce
WP e-commerce is another old faithful WordPress plugin. It allows you to customize HTML and CSS, so that you can personalize the look and feel of your website. It seamlessly integrates with a large number of WordPress plugins, various payment gateways, and WordPress multisite. Make your marketing and shipping more efficient with built-in tools for each purpose.

3. eShop
This easy to install shopping cart lets you create products from WordPress posts and pages. You can use multiple ways to list and create options for your products.
You can sell your downloadable content on eShop along with your material products .It offers several shipping methods and multiple payment gateways which you can utilize.

4. Jigoshop
This is a simple, straightforward yet powerful plugin. It offers many features like customization, categorizing multiple products, different shipping methods, stock tracker, detailed reports of sales and order, and many more. If you are looking for a feature-rich and easy solution for your ecommerce, this is it.

5. Quick Shop
Easiest of them all! It has built-in email and Paypal functionalities. So you can start taking orders as soon as you set up your store. It is easy to stock and restock, fully customizable and is compatible with WordPress multisite.

6. Ecwid
Ecwid has all the necessary features you need to set up a store in minutes. It has a very user-friendly interface and can be accessed effortlessly from mobile devices.
You can add this plugin to your Facebook page and attract more potential customers.

7. Easy Digital Downloads
If you are selling digital products, like e-books, audio, video, or images, this is the most appropriate WordPress plugin for you. It is easy to use and offers numerous extensions and add-ons which you can use for payment gateways, different platforms and to add extra features.

8. Bootstrap CDN
So many customers turn away from pages with slow content delivery on the browser. They prefer faster and more responsive pages to make their purchase without unwanted delays. To retain your customers, you must make you site as fast and efficient as you can.
Bootstrap CDN is a free public content delivery network which helps your page work and load smoothly. It takes care of your site’s performance and keeps it agile even during high traffic surges.

9. iThemes Exchange
This plugin has a rating of 5/5. If you want a painfully easy solution for your Wrdpress site, go for iThemes Exchange. It cuts out the complexities of setting up an e-store and concentrate on making the experience as simple as possible. To make it even more comprehensible, you can watch video tutorials, visit support forums or even find help in an IRC chatroom!

10. Shopp
You will not need any security add-ons with this plugin. It comes with its own secure cart among many other features. Shopp is easy to install and use, javascript enabled, responsive, and SEO friendly. It also has customer account option, catalogue management and an attractive discount feature.
All of these plugins are super-easy to use, full of features, customizable, and can be very profitable if used rightly. It is important that you choose the plugin that is the most relevant to your e-store’s need. If you find yourself confused or overwhelmed by the choices, it is best to take opinion of a WordPress developer.
Make your customers’ experience as pleasant and visually appealing as possible. If you cannot handle the customization on your own, hire a WordPress designer. More effort means bigger rewards!

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