Imagine being able to build a guitar that is customizable in every sense of the word. That’s what we managed to achieve with Autonomy Guitar. Users could go online and choose the body structure, material the guitar was made from, strings, literally everything. Users could then take those individual parts and be taught how to piece them together after their finished product was shipped to them, making it a much more affordable alternative than going to a custom guitar shop.

This is where we come in.

The Challenge

Considering that there are literally hundreds of individual pieces that make up a guitar, our developers had to go piece by piece and make sure that all those parts gelled together without any glitches. Aside from that we also had to create a separate widget which was a task on its own.

The outcome:

Autonomy guitar became a platform that any musician would be happy to use and that’s saying a lot considering how particular musicians are about their instruments. Custom guitars usually sell for thousands of dollars but our team created a method that was both affordable and a website that was incredibly pleasing to the eyes at the same time


Michigan, USA


2 Developers
2 Team Lead
1 Manager


6 months

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