Android App Development

Android is the dream of any open source developer; it allows android developers to explore creativity and customization options. The relative ease with which any idea can be converted exactly into a functional application is what makes the android platform ideal for Startups.

Android App Developers

Techverx has a fully functional android development team, hiring an android developer with us is easy and a step by step approach about how we start work is listed below.

  • Get a detailed description of your idea by involving a project manager, an android developer and the client on a conference call.
  • Asses the level of effort and degree of alteration based on requirement specification.
  • List a cost sheet matching it with the work that needs to be done.
  • Share a daily scrum schedule.
  • Deciding on various sprint points and ensuring communication parameters for various sprints.
  • Deliver a fully functional app with utmost Client satisfaction.

Our developers have been using Java for over ten years. The expertise in XML, android studio Java class files and Eclipse is what makes us a natural android development choice.
The ease with which our developers adjust to your needs is where our edge lies! Hiring our team for your development needs will make you feel like there is an in-house employee working with you!

Get ready for the best outsourcing experience yet!
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