Offshore, Onshore
On Point!

We are a global delivery company, serving clients everywhere, especially in the US. Our vast network of development centres around the world means the choice is yours to work with an onshore or offshore team, suiting your comfort level and allowing you greater budget flexibility.

Our US based project managers ensure flawless communication so all your requirements are met exactly. All our developers have native proficiency over English and following Eastern and Pacific working hours, we are available whenever you need us, as if we were right next-door.

‘Why’ Before
The What
And How

We approach every project by asking ‘why’, and not just once, so we can get the maximum understanding of your needs and crystal-clear focus of the development goals. This helps us get things right the first time with laser precision, so we come up with the most elegant and robust solution, in the most efficient possible way.

Passion, Fun And The Pursuit Of Excellence

We have a remarkably low turnover rate, because we believe there is no point in doing something if it’s not fun. Great products turn us on and we are always striving to one up ourselves by staying on the cutting edge of technology and approaches, because our biggest competition is ourselves.

The Rainmakers



A software engineer by qualification and a corporate HR professional in another life, in reality Rao Mohsin Raza is a natural born entrepreneur. Techverx is his baby; born in his laptop at his home, he has led it to the dynamic, global software development company it is today with a multistory campus and a team of hundreds. With over 20 years of IT and management experience, Rao is a very hands-on CEO, personally involved with every project and ensuring that his clients always get the best return on their investment. Rao is also a recognized expert on global outsourcing and an IAOP Certified Outsourcing Professional.


VP Engineering

A highly energetic and self motivated team leader, Usman has over 10 years of software engineering experience. He is known for his ability to validate and design solutions either from a soup to nuts situation or migrating from existing complexity to a predictable, transparent framework. One of his most fundamental roles is to ensure fast, predictable, and uninterrupted flow of planned work that delivers maximum value to the client, while minimizing disruption and impact of unplanned work, for stable, predictable, and trustworthy services.


VP Sales & Marketing

Umar years of sales experienced, having worked in retail and software industries.He specializes in B2B sales and account management, personally involved with all projects and ensuring that his team delivers nothing short of the best possible service to the clients.


Chief Creative Officer

With over a decade of combined experienced in advertising and broadcast media, Faraz is a seasoned storyteller and marketing expert with creativity and art embedded in his DNA. He has worked in leading multinational ad agencies, creating hundreds of campaigns for global brands like Pepsi Cola and Nestle. He brings this wealth of marketing experience and unique creative vision to Techverx as CCO, responsible for the look and overall user experience of every product and interface that we produce.

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